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Recent Updates

27th May:

19th May:

  • Idea Implementated: Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen. √
  • TODO: Working on Noise reduction. May need hardware tweaking.
    • Add more Capacitive filtering?
  • TODO: Increase Range of Motion
    • Increase ARef?

18th May:

  • Working to integrate with Google Earth. (Issues, unable to send keystrokes to GoogleEarth with VB on Vista.)

17th May:

  • Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet: MMA7260QT
  • The Datasheet shows that the accelerometer always operates in 3-Axis mode. The G-Select can only configure sensitivity (mV/g).
  • Also, page#6 on the datasheet shows that Dynamic Acceleration of this accelerometer does vary Z-Axis independently when moving the IC UP and DOWN. I didn’t find that when I played with it. I need to test this again.
  • Check out Application Notes on the Accelerometer.

16th May:

  • I tried exploring the Z-axis on the accelerometer but it didn’t give inputs independent of X and Y.
  • I recently implemented scrolling on the device. I am programming it for Google Earth today.
  • I’ve modularized the code and made it more robust. Now you can reset the board without crashing the driver. The driver will auto-sync and calibrate if required.


  • Test Z-Axis again
  • Read App Notes to determine how to use the accelerometer for positioning. √ (done)
  • Read Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet √ (done)


  • Discuss Notes with Sagar. Datasheet page#5 (requested)


  • Need Ergonomic Packaging (requested)
  • Need Demonstration Video (requested )


  • Using Mode to toggle between MouseMove and Scroll √ (done)
  • Using CTRL+Tilt as Zoom / Scroll
  • Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen √ (done)
  • Using Air Positioning for screen movement

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