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The Rising of a New Vision!

The Rising of a new vision!

Guten Tag!

I had a wonderful night working on the Pigeon!
Now the Pigeon – has a new vision! :>
… Tho’ its a little “blurred” at the moment 😛

— deciphering —

I finished with the Z-Axis implementation (new Vision). But the Position Estimation is still not accurate (hence Blurred!). Infact it has a lot of errors. The double integration of Acceleration –> Velocity –> Position is accumulates a lot of errors.. “Hey! Panju… ” 😉

Sagar, can you work on this while I am away? You seem to have a fair idea of what to do.  And you’re quite comfortable with VB too. I would be glad if you could take it. I’ve created a Position Estimation tracker. Pick it up if you’d like!

I am always available on email!



One response

  1. mpanju

    Been busy in the lab for sometime.
    Will work on it 🙂

    June 17, 2009 at 6:25 pm

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