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Elixir Report – Techfest 2010

A report on Elixir:


  1. User Friendly Helmet
  2. LivoSensor
  3. MultiAccess Incubator

User Friendly Helmet

Team: NIT Surat

Addressed Needs:

  • Heat-strokes are common for warm indian climates. Cited heat discomfort as the primary cause of people not wearing driving helmets.
  • Hence reducing safety of drivers and co-passengers.
  • Bulky, inconvineant to carry around everywhere.
  • Inexpensive solution to an important problem at Rs. 150/- extra cost.

Strong Points / USP:

  • Comfortable “joyous ride”
  • Cooling pad installed:
  • Cooled externally via refrigration
  • lasts 2-3hrs.
  • Foldable, hence portable.
  • About 1/3rd of original size when folded.
  • Sweat absorbing layer; Washable

Weak points / Aspirations and Gaps:

  • Modular design – sleek but makes it very vulnerable to impact damage. Hence putting the user at hazzordus risk. Defeats the primary purpose of safety.
  • No Impact Testing of equipment was performed.
  • Clips, screws etc. inconvineant and time-consuming to remove/fold and install back again while.
  • Removable parts not a good design idea. Prone to loss.
  • No temprature controller proposed in the design. I think resonable maintenance of temprature is essential. Too cold/uncontrolled temprature might be more damaging than comforting.


Addressed Needs:

  • Cancer Detection
  • Low Cost

Strong Points / USP:

  • Existing Methods too expensive:
  • Ultrasound 800/- Rs.
  • CT Scan 10K
  • MRI 6K
  • AFP 7.5K,
  • Biopsy ?
  • Proposed Solution: 6K one time + 600/- recurring for filter replacement.
  • NextGen BioSensor
  • Early Detection Advantage. Significant.

Working / Aspirations & Gaps:

  • Could not record

MultiAccess Incubator

Addressed Needs:

  • Premature baby incubation
  • I’d rather define it as – temprature controlled heating blanket

Strong Points / USP:

  • Baby isn’t confined to a closed chamber
  • Warm blanket
  • Does not require heating a chamber
  • Air Blanket – hot air pumped in
  • Targetted heating/cooling. Hence power efficient
  • Temprature controlled/regulated.
  • Low cost. Regular incubators cost > 1 lakh Rs.
  • Wider applications than incubation. Could be used on field for paramedical hypothermia care.

Weak Points / Aspirations & Gaps:

  • Does not provide a “clean” – disinfected, pollutant free environment.
  • They did mention antibacterial filtering but the device doesn’t have any pollutant control/cleaning scheme.
  • Bulky for a heating blanket. Uses a fan, coil, motor, pipe inlets – Needed for pumping hot air.
  • The baby is confined in the blanket. Might find it difficult to freely move in there.

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