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H1 Tech Activities 2009-2010

Till last year, the concept of ‘Tech General Championships’ was unheard of in H1. This year, for the first time in its history H1 recorded #7 in overall Tech GC (+ Energy GC) – defeating H4, H9, H10, H11, H12 and H13 in the process!

Believe me, I didn’t expect any of this when we started:

  • With a vision to tap the fresh inmates this year, we conducted a small Tech Orientation at the beginning of the council year.
  • This was followed by the first ever PG Tech orientation at H1 PG with participants from H9, H10, H11 and H1.
  • H1-Tech – the tech forum was created to gather information from all the science and tech clubs of IITB and kept the students informed about interesting events and happenings around the campus.
  • H1 Participated in Tech GC for the first time in an event called “Transformers” – a mechanical contraption design challenge and bagged the best design award and the 2nd place! Surprizingly the entire team that pulled it off was from Electrical Dept with an exception of Anand Prateek! We called our bot the “Graviton” 🙂
  • We also had a discussion group initiated wherein we screened popular science documentary “the Elegant Universe”. It was a 3 part series with active audiences from H1 and H10 – thanks to the involvement of the astronomy club – Krittika. The screening was followed by discussions on parallel universes, anti-matter, relativity theory and many such interesting ideas. The sessions were organized and moderated by Abhisekh Sankaran, me, and Uttam Bhat.
  • The freshers also participated in an event called “Formula1” – A remote controlled car racing event. Enthusiastic participants were: KL Srinivas, Mohit Singh, Shashank Gupta, Jatin Kanjaria, Badri Narayan Patro, Bharat BV and Husain Manasawala.
  • Sagar and I attempted hard to participate in the Maze-Line Follower (Tech GC2) but the bots hardware gave-up and we were devoid of time, energy and sleep to do any further amends…
  • Tech GC3 was based on an Online TechHunt. H1 did receive an anonymous participation; And I am yet to figure-out who the caped-crusader really was?! 🙂
  • We had a showcase of interesting hobby projects at H1 were Nikunj and Chirayu’s ‘Bicycle based mobile charger’ was displayed.
  • This time even the IITB Student Satellite project has 4 active contributors from H1; viz; Sagar Bhokre, Nikunj Bhagat, Husain Manasawala and Viral Thaker
  • Simply put, this would have been impossible without Sagar, Nikunj and Husain who were always ready and eager to participate in any/all activities. Their never ending support was invaluable to make H1 Tech successful!
  • H1 also received tremendous contribution from Siddharth Jain and Mayank Pandey who supported H1 Tech, inspite of being from H9!

It was a great pleasure to initiate tech events among the PGs. I never expected we could achieve so much and so well. This is all thanks to your participation. Hope the new batch is set out to outshine this year’s performance!

Manav Kataria


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