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Tech Profile 2009-2010

Manav Kataria
Institute Tech Awards


  • He mentored juniors and enabled PG participation in Tech
  • Always encouraged UG-PG interaction thru various hobby projects like air-mouse, multi-touch screens and haptics
  • He facilitated peers to participate in Institue Projects – There are 4 PGs now active working as a part of Student Satellite project
  • He acted as the “unofficial” Tech Secy at H1. Setting an example, he caused H1 council to recognize the value of a Technical Secratory. The hostel constitution is now ammended to include a official Tech Secy post


General Championships (2009-2010)

  • His team’s design cracked 2nd place with their transformer “Graviton” and won the best design prize.
  • Attempted GC2 with the software and machine ready but failed due to last min hardware burnout.
  • Till last year, H1 was unaware of any ‘Tech General Championships’ – this year, for the first time in its history H1 records #7 in overall Tech GC.

Techfest 2010 – Nexus

  • 4th position in Western Regional Finals /70 teams.
  • Programing, Simulation, Integration and Testing of the code
    Teamed with Milind, Ashay and Sagar

Techfest 2010 – Antz

  • Programing, Simulation, Integration and Testing of the code
    with Nikunj and Husain on hardware and machinery

Techfest 2009

  • Conducted a 2-day Advanced Haptics Workshop inviting speakers (and sponsors) from industry and established a collaboration between IITBombay and IITMadras.
  • Delivered a seminar/talk, on the Science of Touch – Haptics

Contribution towards Haptics (2009-2010)

Apart from the Techfest workshop and talk in TF09:

  • He published/contributed a how-to tutorial to Siena Robotics and Systems Lab, University of Siena, Italy on using haptic devices with Matlab
  • Nurtured new talents in the domain of Haptics {Preeti.G, Srini, Nikhil Goyal, Hussain, Neelam, Jhelum, KL.Srinivas among others}
  • Designed innovative technology to enable the blind to touch and feel computer images and possibly movies (on going)
  • Authored “Haptics – The story of Touch” for Electrical dept magazine

Talks & Events

  • Initiated the ‘Discussions Group’ with screening of Popular Science documentaries like “The Elegant Universe” enabling UG-PG interaction and critical thinking.
    Ideated by Abhisekh Shankaran
  • Presented seminar on Dynamics of Happiness, dept of Physics.
    Teamed with Mahadesh Panju
  • Initiated Tech and Hobby project discussions at H1
    Teamed with Husain, Sagar Bhokre and Nikunj Bhagat
  • A special PG Tech Orientation was organized through TechniC this year with audiences from H9, H10, H11 among H1

Hobby Projects

AirMouse (March 2009 – August 2009)
“A mouse that you can use in mid-air”

  • Desktop Browsing and Games! Were demoed at:
    • Institute Tech Orientation 2009
    • Electrical Dept Annual Fest “Aagomani” 2009
  • Started as an academic project this device has undergone an evolution from a wired, Serial, visual basic based windows driver to a wireless, USB, Python based Linux driver.
  • It now even runs on a Handheld SmartPhone called Neo FreeRunner
    Teamed with Mahadesh Panju and Sagar Bhokre
  • Project URL:

Human Computer Interface for 3D Visualization (April – June 2009)
“AirMouse integrated with Google Earth”

  • Intended to be presented at the IDC’s Annual Design Degree Show – Swarna
    Teamed with Keyur Sorathia, IDC

IITB Time Sync (August – September 2009)
“A wireless device to synchronize time all over the campus”

Tangible Images (August 2009 – January 2010)
“Images you can touch and feel”

  • Developed two innovative algorithms to touch and feel graphic images. Started as an academic project this idea is currently being considered to work on movies.
    Teamed with KL.Srinivas, Husain, Neelam and Jhelum.
  • Project URL:

Currently working on – Intertial Measurement and Navigation System
“Device that accurately estimations position of an object in space without GPS augmentation”

  • Useful in manuvering aerial vehicles.
  • Typically costs $1,500 – 50,000.
  • If developed successfully, expected cost (without IP) estimated to be ~ $500

Updated: 21st March 2010


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