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Scrutinize before you Enterprise

Serial entrepreneur Aneace Haddad discusses his latest venture, Taggo with Peter Day (Extracted from BBC World > Technology > Start Up Stories > Taggo)
“Mr Haddad believes the failure of many entrepreneurs is due to the absence of any self-check or scrutiny on their ideas. He says, “I notice the vast majority of people don’t go through that…they’ll launch stuff  …and then after a few years they pull the plug.”
“Some Advice from the heart for people who want to start a company”
“It boils down to three questions. And these are three questions you have to ask about anything you’re doing”
  • You have to ask – So what? – What does that mean? Why am I doing it?
  • You have to ask – Who cares? – identify real people are whose problems you’re solving (customers)
  • And then the third one, real important – Why me?

His advice is: “If you’re hard on yourself with those questions and you can find credible answers to them, you probably have something that’s very valuable.” All that’s left is to “remove the barriers…and get out of the way so it can explode.”

Another interesting/useful read:


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