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When I get the time and opportunity passionately follow:


There is no dearth of events at IIT! This serves as a wonderful plece to explore our hidden talents. Few events I like participate (apart from the above):

  • Parliamentary Debates, Creative Writing
  • Photography Competitions, Thumb Painting
  • Tech General Championships, Techfest Competitions
  • MoodI Workshops – Dance, Juggling, DJing Workshop
  • PG Sports, Institute and Hostel Level

Public Performance

Invited performances/tech talks at significant public events:

  • Invited Seminar on Dynamics of Happiness, Dept of Physics, IIT Bombay, Nov 2009
  • Speaker 2-day Haptics Workshop, Techfest 2009, IIT Bombay [Photos]
  • A lay talk delivered to public on latest technologies,Techfest 2009, IIT Bombay [Photos]
  • Invited demo – Air Mouse Prototype – Institute Tech Orientation, IIT Bombay


My Prototypes

  • Air Mouse: Computer-Mouse that works in mid-air! [IIT Bombay]
  • Tangible Images: Images that you can touch and feel! [IIT Bombay]
  • Mind Space: Adaptive 3D Display Platform [MIT Media Labs]

last modified: 8th April 2010

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