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ECG Synthesizer Interim Demo

I had a wonderful demo! My guides seemed happy! Tho’ they didn’t say too much but did mention “Its finally getting somewhere!” 🙂 … and the happiest part was when Prof Mukherji asked me to cleanup the user-interface so that they could use it in his lab! 😀 Its very hearty to know when someone finds the USP of your product useful! 😀 Me very happy!! 😀

Tadaaaa! 😀

I am just in a glee mood! 😀

Here is a demo video showing 3-leads being produced from ECG Synthesizer.


My LED Fader Lamp Attempt

I am trying to make a simple fading LED lamp that fades-in and out multiple colors. I have 3 LEDs Red, Green and Blue in the same package. I turn them on simultaneously.

Trying to mix colors:

The combination colors were not very clearly visible. I haven’t made a diffuser yet. OK. I just placed a white envelope on it. The red being the most intense overwhelms the r+b, r+g and r+g+b with its color. Blue + Green looks sexy but I think I better diffusion would make it prettier.

Normalized Intensities:

Reduced intensity of Red.

I still would love to know

  1. What is the best way (accurate method) to normalize the intensities and produce better colors
  2. Better ideas to diffuse light


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