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Interesting Courses at IIT Bombay

Summer 2010

  • SOM:
  • IDC:
    • ID 631: Product Design I – R. Sandesh,
      (25th October – 12th November , everyday) OR
    • ID 665: Design Workshop I – RAO A.G
    • ID 641: Product Planning, Strategy and Marketing – B.K.Chakravarthy
      (Every Tuesday 9:30 – 17:00, IDC Auditorium, till October 19th)
    • VC 605: Photo Communication – Sudesh Balan (7th-22nd October everyday) √ (done this earlier with Raja Mohanty)
    • ID 643: Design Issues: Looks okay – not too promising
      (Wednesday, Friday 8:30-9:25)
  • Mechanical:
    • ME621: Mathematical Methods for Mechanics and Dynamics
  • Energy:
  • Physics:
    • Non Linear Dynamics and Chaos (Awesomely Taught!) – Punit Parmananda √ (done) “Had done it earlier, will do it again!” Review: “PP is a fantastic teacher. He talks all practical stuff. Every other class is a practical application presentation by students. Awesome Course! Wanna Do it Again! Highly Recommended”

(last update: Added MG785 20th Sept; timetable for IDC Courses, et. al; 22nd July)

This is a top of the head list. This post will frequently get updated in the next 2 weeks.



Air Mouse for Inertial Navigation

Air-Mouse could be used as an INS. Biggest problem with an INS is the unmodeled noise observed in the output. This course project is an attempt to fix that.

Every technical presentation needs a good motivation – Video: Quadcopter controlled by an iPhone.