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Air Mouse for Inertial Navigation

Air-Mouse could be used as an INS. Biggest problem with an INS is the unmodeled noise observed in the output. This course project is an attempt to fix that.

Every technical presentation needs a good motivation – Video: Quadcopter controlled by an iPhone.

Air Mouse goes Wireless

Yesterday we had Panju demonstrating the Wireless version of the Air Mouse on Accelerometer based Open Moko Neo phones. The wireless communication was over BlueTooth client-server implemented in Python.

We are now platform-independent! 🙂

Plethora of applications can now be integrated with the Air Mouse. I am eagerly waiting for us to do one nice 3D app. Pigeon kicks a$$! 🙂

Download Source code:

3D Mouse via Ultrasonic Triangulation

Mahavir recommended a very cool project:

3D Mouse via Ultrasonic Triangulation

The Rising of a New Vision!

The Rising of a new vision!

Guten Tag!

I had a wonderful night working on the Pigeon!
Now the Pigeon – has a new vision! :>
… Tho’ its a little “blurred” at the moment 😛

— deciphering —

I finished with the Z-Axis implementation (new Vision). But the Position Estimation is still not accurate (hence Blurred!). Infact it has a lot of errors. The double integration of Acceleration –> Velocity –> Position is accumulates a lot of errors.. “Hey! Panju… ” 😉

Sagar, can you work on this while I am away? You seem to have a fair idea of what to do.  And you’re quite comfortable with VB too. I would be glad if you could take it. I’ve created a Position Estimation tracker. Pick it up if you’d like!

I am always available on email!


SOAP: Mid-Air Input-Device (CHI Demo: Wireless Handheld Mouse)

Anirudha N Joshi:

… About 2 yrs ago, there was a chi
demo on a wireless handheld mouse:

: how to make a mouse work in mid-air


Another paper from the same author; also,
Check out the video there:

Soap: a pointing device that works in mid-air


Air Mouse on Google Code

Air Mouse now has a collaborative homepage:

Project Page on Google Code

Recent Updates

27th May:

19th May:

  • Idea Implementated: Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen. √
  • TODO: Working on Noise reduction. May need hardware tweaking.
    • Add more Capacitive filtering?
  • TODO: Increase Range of Motion
    • Increase ARef?

18th May:

  • Working to integrate with Google Earth. (Issues, unable to send keystrokes to GoogleEarth with VB on Vista.)

17th May:

  • Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet: MMA7260QT
  • The Datasheet shows that the accelerometer always operates in 3-Axis mode. The G-Select can only configure sensitivity (mV/g).
  • Also, page#6 on the datasheet shows that Dynamic Acceleration of this accelerometer does vary Z-Axis independently when moving the IC UP and DOWN. I didn’t find that when I played with it. I need to test this again.
  • Check out Application Notes on the Accelerometer.

16th May:

  • I tried exploring the Z-axis on the accelerometer but it didn’t give inputs independent of X and Y.
  • I recently implemented scrolling on the device. I am programming it for Google Earth today.
  • I’ve modularized the code and made it more robust. Now you can reset the board without crashing the driver. The driver will auto-sync and calibrate if required.


  • Test Z-Axis again
  • Read App Notes to determine how to use the accelerometer for positioning. √ (done)
  • Read Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet √ (done)


  • Discuss Notes with Sagar. Datasheet page#5 (requested)


  • Need Ergonomic Packaging (requested)
  • Need Demonstration Video (requested )


  • Using Mode to toggle between MouseMove and Scroll √ (done)
  • Using CTRL+Tilt as Zoom / Scroll
  • Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen √ (done)
  • Using Air Positioning for screen movement

Air Mouse Applications

Just curious, what kind of usage have you thought for such air-mouse?
+ I play games with it; e.g: Blasterball3, DX-Ball 2;
+ Used it on Google Maps (Video);
+ Plan to use it with Google Earth.
+ Also plan to make a Picture Wall application like cooliris.
+ I recently tought of using it for a perspective control of a virtual scene. It is perfect for orientation mapping in a Role Playing Game or First Person Shooting Games!

Air Mouse Video

Download: Video: Google Maps with Air Mouse (~30MB)

Air Mouse: Construction and Working


Here is the circuit:


The Pigeon Express – Air Mouse

So what’s The Pigeon — Well its a new human interface to the computer, like a mouse which doesn’t require a flat rolling surface to work on. You could call it an Air-Mouse. We like to call it the Pigeon; After all its flying! 🙂

Its was our EE712: Embedded System Design course project.

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