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Scrutinize before you Enterprise

Serial entrepreneur Aneace Haddad discusses his latest venture, Taggo with Peter Day (Extracted from BBC World > Technology > Start Up Stories > Taggo)
“Mr Haddad believes the failure of many entrepreneurs is due to the absence of any self-check or scrutiny on their ideas. He says, “I notice the vast majority of people don’t go through that…they’ll launch stuff  …and then after a few years they pull the plug.”
“Some Advice from the heart for people who want to start a company”
“It boils down to three questions. And these are three questions you have to ask about anything you’re doing”
  • You have to ask – So what? – What does that mean? Why am I doing it?
  • You have to ask – Who cares? – identify real people are whose problems you’re solving (customers)
  • And then the third one, real important – Why me?

His advice is: “If you’re hard on yourself with those questions and you can find credible answers to them, you probably have something that’s very valuable.” All that’s left is to “remove the barriers…and get out of the way so it can explode.”

Another interesting/useful read:


My first ever B-Plan

Avenues is the Annual Business Fest organized by SJMSOM – the School of Management at IIT Bombay. They have a Business Plan Competition called Navonmesh which works on a unique model of bridging real innovations to a well honed business plan.

The competition lists innovations that have a potential for success but lack a good business plan around them. The innovations were primarily selected from:
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research > Technopreneur Promotion Programme

The first step for the participants was to select an innovation to work from the list given by organizers and make an executive summary around it. We choose to work on “Retractable Auto-Disable Syringes” innovated by a Doctor.

They are basically Single Use Safe Syringes and have a huge potential market in India. The competition is significant but there is scope for big success!

Our Executive Summary (3-pages) made thru the initial screening phase, second only to ISB, Hyderabad. We were then required to come up with a comprehensive Business Plan (24 pages) addressing the specific pain points of the innovator.

Our Team: Chandrama Naha, Viral Thaker and Me

It was amazing to see how each of us adapted and relatively became experts on-the-fly in the domain we started to work on:

  • Viral lead the Market & Competition Analysis and Risk Analysis & Mitigation.
  • Chandrama did all the Financial Analysis, Operations and Logistics.
  • I handled the Business Strategy, Marketing and Strategic Alliances.

It was a lot more fun that I’d ever imagined! With all the discussions, fights, disputes and still sticking together! 😉 😛 And to have moved a step closer towards real-world entrepreneurship.

It wouldn’t have been possible without Viral and Chandrama. Kudos to them! And special thanks to Disha and Aaron for all their support! 🙂