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Why do I want to startup?

David Cohen, TechStars

Are you planning to startup yourself? What’s motivating the switch?” — a friend recently asked me.


I believe this is a fundamental question that all aspiring startup enterprenaurs should ask themselves. It took me a while to articulate my feelings in this.

I’ve always loved the ideology of a startup. Partly because my dad is an enterprising businessman and I’ve always looked at it positively. Also, because holistic development has been ingrained in my way of life.

For me, the journey of startup is an exercise in learning. It teaches you not just tech, business and design but also how to be a better team player, communicator, visionary and a better leader.

The (difficult) process of making a company, a product and an organization successful forces you to iron-out your rough edges and hones you to become a stronger, better, and a more capable individual.

If done right, its an ideal exercise in self-development.

If you ever dream of starting a company or are fascinated by the idea of having a startup, do some soul searching and ask yourself: “Why do you want to startup?” 


My first ever investor meet! :) *satisfaction*


From FB:

‎@All: This investor is already investing in Wilcom – Prof’s Girish Kumar’s Start-up, EE Dept. He has intentions for investing in a Mobile-Apps startup. We discussed his ideas and analysed the marketability and feasibility of the idea, and devised few alternatives.

Like an investor he was very sharp and witty, but humble nevertheless. It was an interesting meeting! My first ever of the kind! 😉