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Air Mouse for Inertial Navigation

Air-Mouse could be used as an INS. Biggest problem with an INS is the unmodeled noise observed in the output. This course project is an attempt to fix that.

Every technical presentation needs a good motivation – Video: Quadcopter controlled by an iPhone.

3D Photography: Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1

After dealing with Depth Detection and 3Dimensional Rendering of regular 2D photographs in Tangible Images I do appreciate this gadget a lot more.

We perceive objects in three dimensions because our left and right eyes see slightly different images. Fujifilm mimics this setup in the first 3-D digital point-and-shoot camera, with two separate lenses—and two image sensors—placed three inches apart. They snap either stills or videos in tandem, and a processor combines their images into a single file. A 2.8-inch screen on the camera’s back can display the 3-D results instantly, flashing two backlights on and off to direct different images to each eye. (You can also view your shots on a $500 frame that uses a different, but similarly glasses-free, 3-D method or on computers with Nvidia’s 3-D glasses system.) And the W1 can still take ordinary 2-D pictures—in fact, it can take two at once, using different zoom settings for each lens.

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(Article Credit: Looking Back At The 100 Best Innovations Of 2009 )