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My first ever investor meet! :) *satisfaction*


From FB:

‎@All: This investor is already investing in Wilcom – Prof’s Girish Kumar’s Start-up, EE Dept. He has intentions for investing in a Mobile-Apps startup. We discussed his ideas and analysed the marketability and feasibility of the idea, and devised few alternatives.

Like an investor he was very sharp and witty, but humble nevertheless. It was an interesting meeting! My first ever of the kind! 😉

JK Rowling’s Speech at Harvard Commencement 2008

One of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.

Talks about the Benefits of FailureImportance of Imagination, and the influence that individuals like us have over the future well being of the world(An apt listen after last night’s terror activities at Pune.)



Touch Feedback for Rehabilitation

Profs at IITB are planning to make a foot-operated touch screen for the disabled and I was wondering wheter we could give it some Haptic Feedback.

Say you have a Touch Screen – a planar rectangular screen partitioned as 9 (3×3 grid of) virtual buttons. No partitions exist physically. Can we send a tactile feedback to the user by vibrating one of these cells? Say by using 4 vibrators at the corners of the screen and varying their intensity? Contrast this with having 9 vibrators on each of the cells (not a very smart idea).

Can you think of any techniques of sending localized vibrations (haptic feedback)? Let me know.