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Have hundreds of acqaintances? Tried of the irrelevant newsfeed on Facebook and find it difficult to manage?

My team recently developed a simple Facebook app that analyses your friend circle and identifies who is important to you. We believe future models of Social Trend Analysis and Personalized Marketing will target such information.

It automatically figures out who’s important to you using carefully researched heuristics. It saves you a lot of effort! And just in case we are wrong, we even allow an intuitive interface for you to modify your friend circle.

We were surprised with the initial results! Hopefully you will be too! Especially, if you’re single 😉

Honors: Won the Yahoo! HackU at IIT Bombay, October 2010

Sneak Preview:

We did this hack in 24hours. The project is still  at alpha. Needs some work before we want to release it. At this moment its an invitation-only access. If you would like to try it, leave us a note!

(on behalf on my Yahoo! HackU team, Mayank Singhal, Gaurav Toshniwal and Sumit Somani)


We all were at OAT  for H11 Valfi (Valedatory function). People were dressed up for party and the music was on. Enthu junta were having a gala time dancing near the DJ’s Dance Floor. Of course once I was discovered by my gang, there was hardly any chance of me staying out of the dance circle.

Viral landed in OAT soon after. He was a lil reluctant to join us at first. But the right amount of persuation (or bias voltage) coupled with good bhangra music  (ie; input gate current) at right rising edge of the correct clock cycle triggered the transisters into a high gain amplifier. We didn’t step off the floor after that!

It was good fun dancing! Meeting new people. Checking out chicks with Thaker – while having all the tasty desserts! Yum… 🙂

We were not done yet. As if the desserts and chicks were not enough 10 of us from Syscon and EE decided to head towards StaffC for cold drinks. Walking down, pulling each others’ legs and enjoying the wonderful moonlit eve. We had Limca and Apple juice I guess.

We met two new friends there, Ankit and some other guy I don’t know. Viral and I found the night too enticing and decided to suggest the gang for a walk near the lake side. And so we did.. Dani was acting lazy but he soon got into the mood along with most of us – after a little bit of persuasion & teasing of course!

The lake side was beautiful; Peaceful and quiet. It was dark with only the moon lighting the path. We saw huge bats and gave homage to Batman! 😉

It was very scenic I should say. I wish I had a camera there. The view to Hiranandani was just picture perfect!  I could have made a Manhattan skyline out of it! May be next time, Viral is already enthu about making another trip there.

Well, back to the crowd. Jhelum wanted to play Antakshri and I suggested DumbC. But ideas were almost dropped when Nikhil shot a “kirmakov Theorem – ab ‘M’ se bolo” and the IITian Antakshri went into play. It was a hard time getting off Laplace-Ass jokes and everyone, including Hussain was contributing! 🙂

We soon got back. Tho’ I wasn’t in a mood to leave. I knew a few others who shared the same view but well, “Saare meri tarah velle thodi hote hain!”

All in all, it was a wonderful awesome evening! I am lookin forward to such gala days in the future! “Bas yeh exam to khatam ho jaaye!” 😉