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Bathroom Interior Design

Two simple bathroom designs I did for home:

Lower Master Bathroom Layout Features:

  • Frequent Access items (WC and Basin) have easier access than Shower and Washing Machine.
  • Easiest toilet access in the night.
  • A partition cabinet between with few sides closed to keep the laptop safe before shower.
  • Enough utility space all over the room – under the basin, partition cabinet and the right wall. Feel free to add more.
  • A carpet/rug far away from shower to keep your feet dry.
  • Add a sink at Shower Corner.

Interesting Suggestion:

Vishal Verma I can see how hygienic your laptop is going to be ūüėÄ By the way, having an optical keyboard right in front of the pot wont be a bad idea. While you are ‘doing’, u can also chat with friends. Saves time. And moreover, the best ideas are born while you are on toilet seat…so good to have something non-tangible to capture the idea in that moment.

JK Rowling‚Äôs Speech at Harvard Commencement 2008

One of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.

Talks about the Benefits of Failure,¬†Importance of Imagination, and the influence that individuals like us have over the future well being of the world.¬†(An apt listen after last night’s terror activities at Pune.)



True Value

MK to GD while trying to Motivate taking risks, experiment & venture out while at IIT.

This is the time I can take risks; And beyond this,
the risks become
inhibitingly costly.
This place – is a learning zone
and, my time is running-out…