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Tech Event: Formula One – as we played it!

Congratulations to Freshers who participated in

Formula One Tech Competition

The Event:

It was a dangerous event there were many obstacles blocking the path, an uphill incline and a water pit thru which the car had to pass! They had made a wirelessly controlled F1-car with a very good speed and a torque suitable to climb a 30degree incline uphill! It wasn’t a bullet-proof car but definitely water-proof! 🙂

The Race:

Unfortunately due to heavy rains on the track the road got slippery! One tyre rubber came off making our driver lose control and bang into the sides! The team struggled hard to keep the car under control and ultimately made it successfully to the finish line! Both the driver and the car are now safe! .. 🙂

And The People:

Congratulations to them for being the only PG teams to have made it to the track and completed it!!

Please join me in congratulating them:
+ KL Srinivas, Mohit Singh, Shashank Gupta and
Jatin Kanjaria (H1)
+ Jagbandhu and team (H9)

Congratulations also to the other PG teams who spent
tremendous efforts in trying to conquer the event: + Siddarth Jain, Mayank Pandey,
Amit Gaur & team (H9)

+ Badri, Bharat and team (H1)! + Husain (H1)

Oh! BTW, we witnessed Hostel 10 participation there as well! 🙂

Photos: on picasaweb

September 7, 2009 at 2:27 pm

Transformers at IITB – Tech General Championship

Problem Statement

Transformer disguised as a mobile

“A competition held at IIT Bombay as a part of Tech General Championship recently was to device a mechanical robot “Transformer” that fits in a 1ft x 1ft x 1ft volume and expands to a largest (enclosing) bounding box volume. There were no batteries allowed or any chemicals to be used. Your Transformer must only use stored mechanical potential energy! And to top it, all this had to happen with only single external trigger!” Here is the exact problem statement.

The hostels came up with some really innovative ideas and designs. They used everything from straws to springs to umbrellas to rock!

Top most expansions:

  1. Hostel #8 went upto 15 meter^3. About 530 times of the original size!
  2. Hostel #1 went upto 8.6 meter^3. About 330 times the original size. They had a very professional design and called their bot “Graviton”. They won the Best Design Award!
  3. Hostel #3 and Hostel #10 (ladies hostel) had a tough competition with their bots expanding to ~ 6.5 meter^3 230 times!

Photos and videos:

Album 1 and Album 2

Hostel #1

This was the first time H1 was participating in Tech GC. Nobody knows when was the last attempt. Their bot was impressive and as Sagar says, it casted a scary look on many other bots!

First Round – The Drama!

Graviton and H1 Team
“Graviton” & H1-Team