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My first Tabla lesson – a lesson in philosophy

My first lesson started today. Abhisekh is leaving tomorrow for France and was kind enough to spare his precious time. He sure is a man of his word!

We started with basic tabla atonomy, basic strokes and their names – bol. He further introduced and demonstrated various taals and rhythms and expressions of tabla music.

The experience was entertaining and enlightening. Entertaining and awe inspiring as to what depths of expressions can a tabla convey – its like reciting a story or a poem Abhisekh says and he demosntrated it!

Enlightening as to what I like about it and am already conditioned to — understand the emotions and expressions of music.  And revealing as to what I need to concentrate on and work on – rhythm, timing and stroke conditioning, strength, power and technique.

I discovered that I am totally into Western-Classical Fusion. I mentioned it as I realized I love combining music in harmony with an external musical input. Abhisekh adds driving independently and being driven – having both skills is equally important.

But just like being a good listener is not enough to be a good communicator, I realised that I would have to learn to “speak” the language as well – that is play it as well.

Inspirational Videos (incomplete):

  • the speaking hand
  • Zakir Hussain 4.30 min teen taal on Doordarshan
  • samir prasad?
  • ahmed (?)


Homework — Practice (from Wikipedia-Teental) :

Teental has this characteristic pattern of bols (theka).

The Theka for Tintal
dha dhin dhin dha | dha dhin dhin dha |
x 2
na tin tin ta | tita dhin dhin dha |
o 3

Note the bols used for the first beat of each division: Dhaa, a bol involving both hands, is played at the beginning of the first, second and final divisions; for the khali section, Naa – a right hand bol – is used to indicate that the division is open. There are some pedagogical variations as to the actual syllables pronounced when reciting the bol, most of which occur in the final two vibhags.

Recent Updates

27th May:

19th May:

  • Idea Implementated: Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen. √
  • TODO: Working on Noise reduction. May need hardware tweaking.
    • Add more Capacitive filtering?
  • TODO: Increase Range of Motion
    • Increase ARef?

18th May:

  • Working to integrate with Google Earth. (Issues, unable to send keystrokes to GoogleEarth with VB on Vista.)

17th May:

  • Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet: MMA7260QT
  • The Datasheet shows that the accelerometer always operates in 3-Axis mode. The G-Select can only configure sensitivity (mV/g).
  • Also, page#6 on the datasheet shows that Dynamic Acceleration of this accelerometer does vary Z-Axis independently when moving the IC UP and DOWN. I didn’t find that when I played with it. I need to test this again.
  • Check out Application Notes on the Accelerometer.

16th May:

  • I tried exploring the Z-axis on the accelerometer but it didn’t give inputs independent of X and Y.
  • I recently implemented scrolling on the device. I am programming it for Google Earth today.
  • I’ve modularized the code and made it more robust. Now you can reset the board without crashing the driver. The driver will auto-sync and calibrate if required.


  • Test Z-Axis again
  • Read App Notes to determine how to use the accelerometer for positioning. √ (done)
  • Read Freescale Accelerometer Datasheet √ (done)


  • Discuss Notes with Sagar. Datasheet page#5 (requested)


  • Need Ergonomic Packaging (requested)
  • Need Demonstration Video (requested )


  • Using Mode to toggle between MouseMove and Scroll √ (done)
  • Using CTRL+Tilt as Zoom / Scroll
  • Using Tilt for absolute positioning on the screen √ (done)
  • Using Air Positioning for screen movement