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Climb the hill and a Party follows…

Sameer Hill Trek
It was “planned” by Arti, that all of CC (Control and Computing) students, MTech + PhDs would trek the Sameer hill top today. We started around 5:15 and came back around 7pm. It was wonderful up going up there again, and with new friends it was all the more better.

It gave us the opportunity to break the ice! Infact we even had a freshers intro up there at the top! 🙂

From my batch it was Imon, Nikunj and Me from M.Tech and Subhasis Dutta from Ph.D. There were a lot of juniors, viz; Rachel, Garima, Arti, Mayank Pandey, Sidharth Jain, Pratyush, Sandeep and one more I think. From the seniors we had Ram, Mandar, Debu da, and Swanand the “guide”

Imon wanted to rush back down and play football. Nikunj had to take a leak and was stuck up there with us! The rest of us were quite happy up there! We also met Neeli (Neelam) and Peeli (Priyanka) up there. It was a pleasant surprize!

IceCreams for Bhel
After we parted I realized I hadn’t had enough. And wanted more “masti” so I decided to meet the folks at BJC and have a bhel! BJC was closed so we ended up having ice-cream and chocolates.

Thereafter we went to H11 and were officially treated by Rachel (tho’ I don’t know who paid!) for maggi 🙂

Theatre Fest
“Maagi to kha li par hamara pet fir bhi nahi bhara tha. to hamne socha ki theatre fest jaate hain”

I gave a small introduction of today’s play what I knew but didn’t create a big impression as I didn’t have much expectation myself. Me, Garima and Arti did end-up watching the play and we liked it so much that we were in that trance for almost an hour after that!

Dinner and the rest
We had dinner at Gullu and then a nice walk till the main gate, all of us. It was great! I had a splendid time. Hope to have more such encounters in the future!


10th January 2010
IIT Bombay