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My LED Fader Lamp Attempt

I am trying to make a simple fading LED lamp that fades-in and out multiple colors. I have 3 LEDs Red, Green and Blue in the same package. I turn them on simultaneously.

Trying to mix colors:

The combination colors were not very clearly visible. I haven’t made a diffuser yet. OK. I just placed a white envelope on it. The red being the most intense overwhelms the r+b, r+g and r+g+b with its color. Blue + Green looks sexy but I think I better diffusion would make it prettier.

Normalized Intensities:

Reduced intensity of Red.

I still would love to know

  1. What is the best way (accurate method) to normalize the intensities and produce better colors
  2. Better ideas to diffuse light




Photos of the Month

These were clicked on Daa’s Birthday Party. The third one isn’t mine, but I love it! 🙂

Studio: H6 Canteen