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ECG Synthesizer Interim Demo

I had a wonderful demo! My guides seemed happy! Tho’ they didn’t say too much but did mention “Its finally getting somewhere!” 🙂 … and the happiest part was when Prof Mukherji asked me to cleanup the user-interface so that they could use it in his lab! 😀 Its very hearty to know when someone finds the USP of your product useful! 😀 Me very happy!! 😀

Tadaaaa! 😀

I am just in a glee mood! 😀

Here is a demo video showing 3-leads being produced from ECG Synthesizer.

Applications In BioMedical Engineering

A System’s Perspective: Computer Science, Embedded and Control Systems

Control Systems and Theory:

  • Understanding and thus modeling of human physiology and pathology.
  • Leading towards applications like controlled medication like drug delivery.
  • Factors like rate and dosage could be controlled.

Computer Science and Embedded Systems:

Integration of computer science with embedded systems has lead to many applications within medicince and healthcare.

  • Machines like X Rays, CT Scan, MRI help diagnose a disease/condition rapidly.
  • While others like defibrilators, pacemakers, dialators and cathetors help keep a patient under check and improve the response time of a doctor.
  • Hapitics enabled Surgical Simulators are a boon for providing high risk Medical Operations and Training today.
  • Visualization Systems that enable 3D Reconstruction of human body from CT Scan, X-Rays, MRI, etc, powered by computer graphics and imaging technology has greatly enhanced understanding & analysis of medical students and doctors alike.
  • Applications like Telemedicine and Telesurgery rely on backbone of Internet and Communications Infrastructure.
  • I envision integration of mobile and healthcare devices in future thus enabling the common man to keep himself under check while on the move.

Manav Kataria

10th January 2010
IIT Bombay

Assignment for BM600: Introduction to BioMedical Engineering