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Bathroom Interior Design

Two simple bathroom designs I did for home:

Lower Master Bathroom Layout Features:

  • Frequent Access items (WC and Basin) have easier access than Shower and Washing Machine.
  • Easiest toilet access in the night.
  • A partition cabinet between with few sides closed to keep the laptop safe before shower.
  • Enough utility space all over the room – under the basin, partition cabinet and the right wall. Feel free to add more.
  • A carpet/rug far away from shower to keep your feet dry.
  • Add a sink at Shower Corner.

Interesting Suggestion:

Vishal Verma I can see how hygienic your laptop is going to be 😀 By the way, having an optical keyboard right in front of the pot wont be a bad idea. While you are ‘doing’, u can also chat with friends. Saves time. And moreover, the best ideas are born while you are on toilet seat…so good to have something non-tangible to capture the idea in that moment.

Solar Eclipse 2010

Unlike my undergrad college an eclipse here is really a celebrated event!

Solar Eclipse 2010

Junta at the event

Krittika – Astronomy club of IITB actually gave solar filters and had even setup a telescope for us to view the eclipse closely.

Here are some snaps I clicked that day:

Solar Eclipse 2010

Auto Focus; 20x Zoom

It is amazing to realize power of technology that lies within our hands today;
high zoom camera + solar filter = sunspots, observed by a common man!

Solar Eclipse 2010

Sunspots; Manual Mode; Infinity Focus; 20x Zoom

The sky around:

Aurora; Image Courtesy: Vishal Tanna

Aurora; Image Courtesy: Vishal Tanna

And yes, there were a few, creatively-bent, willing to behold the power of the sun without any fear …

Telescopic Projection

… and dare its true purpose!

Telescopic Projection Burning

More such images at:

Thanks to AP (Anand Prateek) and Vishal Tanna for lending me their camera.

Applications In BioMedical Engineering

A System’s Perspective: Computer Science, Embedded and Control Systems

Control Systems and Theory:

  • Understanding and thus modeling of human physiology and pathology.
  • Leading towards applications like controlled medication like drug delivery.
  • Factors like rate and dosage could be controlled.

Computer Science and Embedded Systems:

Integration of computer science with embedded systems has lead to many applications within medicince and healthcare.

  • Machines like X Rays, CT Scan, MRI help diagnose a disease/condition rapidly.
  • While others like defibrilators, pacemakers, dialators and cathetors help keep a patient under check and improve the response time of a doctor.
  • Hapitics enabled Surgical Simulators are a boon for providing high risk Medical Operations and Training today.
  • Visualization Systems that enable 3D Reconstruction of human body from CT Scan, X-Rays, MRI, etc, powered by computer graphics and imaging technology has greatly enhanced understanding & analysis of medical students and doctors alike.
  • Applications like Telemedicine and Telesurgery rely on backbone of Internet and Communications Infrastructure.
  • I envision integration of mobile and healthcare devices in future thus enabling the common man to keep himself under check while on the move.

Manav Kataria

10th January 2010
IIT Bombay

Assignment for BM600: Introduction to BioMedical Engineering

Mood Indigo 2009

Day 1:
Juggling Workshop
DAY 2:
Got up very late today. Participated in a Photography competition “Papparazzi”; Disha was the celebrity and I was a Papparazzi. And then Pool Side Dance Party!… It was not as nice as last time but it became fun later on..
ProNight: Classical Night
“Event jab tak Pure Classiscal tha, to jyada chamka nai. Fir gazal singer aaya, aur Jhulelaal bajaya to khoob mazaa aaya!”
DAY 3:
What a day! One of the best experiences at Moodi, ever!
I had planned to do a bank robbery ‘the Heist’ and then attend the DJing workshop.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do anything at the Heist. We started discussin and forgot to complete the obstacle track in time. So we got disqualified! 😛
The Djing workshop was good. I got hands on at the Pioneer NewAge Mach3. We attempted to catch the first beat of every a bar in a track. We also saw a demo of some good mixing.
They had a Rock Climbing Wall and an obstacle course at the NCC grounds. There was also a mental task to be performed alongwith.
I also got a Tatoo today!
ProNight: Fusion Night
Raghav Sachar and Alms for Shanti
A brillian performance by folks from Israel! Fantastic Music using unconventional tools. Exhilarating performance! I can’t explain it!
NCC Roads:
Bike Stunt Performance
Day 4:
Nunchak Workshop. Good tricks, but it was too short.
The Workshop was good. Fir time pass raha. Attended an International Music performance.
< videos >
Doston ke saath masti ki. Aur Mess mai pani puri khai. Aur haan, I finally Climbed the OldSpice Rock Climbing Wall. Tried the obstacle course with Sagar: rock climbing wall, 8.5feet NCC wall and balance walking. It was fun! 🙂

Looking for Touch

Looking for Touch:
Haptics and BioMedicine – Discussions at IITM

I am looking for a Project in Haptics / BioMedical as my M.Tech Project (MTP). I love this field. It makes you feel useful when you contribute to the community. Not to mention there is a great potential in this field for entrepreneurship. To decide on a suitable project, I am here at IITM today, visiting Prof Manivanan.

I had a wonderful discussion with him today. Discussed a lot of projects from extremely challenging to not too risky. The most exciting ones are the most risky! Also BioMedicine will be a totally new field for me.

I need to evaluate whether IITB will accept these projects. Does it have enough control systems? Enough Research? Enough substance? Or may be too much! 😛

Lots of things to think about. Will take sometime before I can decide. See them more clearly before I make a decision. That’s what this vacation time was supposed to be for! 🙂

Just for fun, wrote the rest here …

Why scientists aren’t so famous today?

Richard Hamming

Richard Hamming

I wanted to share this article “Why No Famous Scientists or Engineers?”:

I especially liked the answer in comment #4: “I think the problem is the lack of revolutionary and easily understandable science/technology”

It reminded me of the legendary talk by Richard Hamming on “You and Your Research” (Video | Transcript)

To summarize what Krishnan said in his reply to the above article (see comment):

  • The work of today’s scientists is not less important than what it used to be.
  • There is a bias in the author’s note.

I agree with both his points. But I also agree with the author’s central point – Today there are lesser scientists who are famous or their work!

Why is that? Where are we going wrong?

The article raised a beautiful point I wanted to share with you – simplicity.
Writing papers or patents today is an Art. Write on everything around the object and nothing about the object! Specifically hide intricate details to avoid leaking your intellectual property.Obviously this makes it difficult for the reader to comprehend the science being described! I have an impression that “in those days” a general scientist wasn’t so insecure about his idea being leaked or stolen. In defense of my very own scientific community,

It wasn’t so commercial, you know!
~ King Julian, Madagascar

What can we do to avoid it?

Why does science have to be difficult to comprehend? Nature didn’t intend it that way. Lets keep our work as simple as possible. To quote the smart guy:

Theories should be as simple as possible, but not simpler
~ Albert Einstein


Air Mouse goes Wireless

Yesterday we had Panju demonstrating the Wireless version of the Air Mouse on Accelerometer based Open Moko Neo phones. The wireless communication was over BlueTooth client-server implemented in Python.

We are now platform-independent! 🙂

Plethora of applications can now be integrated with the Air Mouse. I am eagerly waiting for us to do one nice 3D app. Pigeon kicks a$$! 🙂

Download Source code:

Transformers at IITB – Tech General Championship

Problem Statement

Transformer disguised as a mobile

“A competition held at IIT Bombay as a part of Tech General Championship recently was to device a mechanical robot “Transformer” that fits in a 1ft x 1ft x 1ft volume and expands to a largest (enclosing) bounding box volume. There were no batteries allowed or any chemicals to be used. Your Transformer must only use stored mechanical potential energy! And to top it, all this had to happen with only single external trigger!” Here is the exact problem statement.

The hostels came up with some really innovative ideas and designs. They used everything from straws to springs to umbrellas to rock!

Top most expansions:

  1. Hostel #8 went upto 15 meter^3. About 530 times of the original size!
  2. Hostel #1 went upto 8.6 meter^3. About 330 times the original size. They had a very professional design and called their bot “Graviton”. They won the Best Design Award!
  3. Hostel #3 and Hostel #10 (ladies hostel) had a tough competition with their bots expanding to ~ 6.5 meter^3 230 times!

Photos and videos:

Album 1 and Album 2

Hostel #1

This was the first time H1 was participating in Tech GC. Nobody knows when was the last attempt. Their bot was impressive and as Sagar says, it casted a scary look on many other bots!

First Round – The Drama!

Graviton and H1 Team
“Graviton” & H1-Team


Tolerance of my Ego

My identity is important to me. I generally find it difficult to let-go of a self-image of myself.

I’ve seen people, like JC and Abhisekh for example – who have the ability to win the crowd almost like magic. To an untrained eye, it might be magic but for an observant communicator there is more to it – The ability to let-go of ego.


My Orkut Homepage

I use Orkut. Every other day I see people playing with their display names and treating their identity like post-it! I don’t really like it. Today after reading about Michael Jackson, I felt like giving him a personal tribute. I changed my display pic and Orkut status msg and dedicated it to him.

How does it feel? Not having your Identity?

I was disobeying my own principles! And mind you, I detest hypocrites! It took some time for the feeling to sink in … Not having an identity for a day. People reading my scraps would be confused! When they visit my profile they might get annoyed not being able to figure out who it was!

There was turbulence, but a mild one. I’ve recently had an attitude shift. Thanks to the great examples I see around me – both fictional and real, I take it up as a task for personal-development. An exercise, to sober down… 🙂


PS: Tolerance, I will win you…



– A word coined by Hotchalicious

  1. (noun, adj.) A state of mind when one is enthusiastic and creative (kinda opposite to boredum) 😛
    Usage: “More tapudum entries invited!

  2. (noun) dumb; downright stupid
    Usage: “Are you tapudum!”

The best definition gets a chance to become a part of Quiptic! *cheers in the background*

Stepping into Taal

Since quite a few days, I have been inching to play some music. And today when I heard Abhisekh play tabla so passionately I just couldn’t resist asking him again to teach me Tabla.

Finally, we struck a deal – I teach him how to synthesize music Fruity Loops and he teaches me real music!
This is how the interesting conversation took place:

I sent him Nightmare files.

Abhisekh Sankaran wrote:
Dude! got the files! thanks! 🙂 Actually we’ll try to extend this nightmare even to the day maybe on a weekend! 😀 what say?

Manav Kataria wrote:
While coming back form the gym I heard you play tabla! Boy! you’re awesome. It was amazing to see your in all that passion!
Give me a few lessons please. I’ll teach you more of Fruity Loops Nightmare! Do we have a deal? 😉

Abhisekh Sankaran wrote:

arrey… I need to practice a lot… hands all rusted…. need to do more thinking too…. thats rusted as well… 😛
Ok I’ll give a few lessons where we would start from the basics in the technique of playing but parallely we could discuss rhythm patterns… that would be very interesting… we could use both tabla and fruity loops for that purpose… what say?

Manav Kataria wrote:

AS: arrey… I need to practice a lot… hands all rusted…. need to do more thinking too…. thats rusted as well… 😛
MK: I think in the process, I might pick up some humility as well! … Tho’ I am not too comfortable about it! 😛

AS: Ok I’ll give a few lessons where we would start from the basics in the technique of playing but parallely we could discuss rhythm patterns… that would be very interesting… we could use both tabla and fruity loops for that purpose… what say?
MK: Wonderful idea! You are the man! Lets see how far we can go.. Sensei! 🙂


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Nightmare by Abhisekh Sankaran

Abhisekh Sankaran was here last night to get Naruto and Avatar – and I got an opportunity to lure him to Fruity Loops. I needed a partner in crime … and who better than the Devil himself! :p

Here is a small trance compilation he came up with:

Video: Nightmare Project

FruityLoops Screenshot

FruityLoops Screenshot

Recently …


The Art of the Small: How to Make an Impact

Right thing at d right time

Finally, today I have done it!

I got up early in the morning and did 2 good things that should be done early in the day:

  1. Went to the gym at 8:00 in the morning! and,
  2. Went to the loo! 😀

Have a productive day ahead!

…I am so proud of myself today!  🙂


We all were at OAT  for H11 Valfi (Valedatory function). People were dressed up for party and the music was on. Enthu junta were having a gala time dancing near the DJ’s Dance Floor. Of course once I was discovered by my gang, there was hardly any chance of me staying out of the dance circle.

Viral landed in OAT soon after. He was a lil reluctant to join us at first. But the right amount of persuation (or bias voltage) coupled with good bhangra music  (ie; input gate current) at right rising edge of the correct clock cycle triggered the transisters into a high gain amplifier. We didn’t step off the floor after that!

It was good fun dancing! Meeting new people. Checking out chicks with Thaker – while having all the tasty desserts! Yum… 🙂

We were not done yet. As if the desserts and chicks were not enough 10 of us from Syscon and EE decided to head towards StaffC for cold drinks. Walking down, pulling each others’ legs and enjoying the wonderful moonlit eve. We had Limca and Apple juice I guess.

We met two new friends there, Ankit and some other guy I don’t know. Viral and I found the night too enticing and decided to suggest the gang for a walk near the lake side. And so we did.. Dani was acting lazy but he soon got into the mood along with most of us – after a little bit of persuasion & teasing of course!

The lake side was beautiful; Peaceful and quiet. It was dark with only the moon lighting the path. We saw huge bats and gave homage to Batman! 😉

It was very scenic I should say. I wish I had a camera there. The view to Hiranandani was just picture perfect!  I could have made a Manhattan skyline out of it! May be next time, Viral is already enthu about making another trip there.

Well, back to the crowd. Jhelum wanted to play Antakshri and I suggested DumbC. But ideas were almost dropped when Nikhil shot a “kirmakov Theorem – ab ‘M’ se bolo” and the IITian Antakshri went into play. It was a hard time getting off Laplace-Ass jokes and everyone, including Hussain was contributing! 🙂

We soon got back. Tho’ I wasn’t in a mood to leave. I knew a few others who shared the same view but well, “Saare meri tarah velle thodi hote hain!”

All in all, it was a wonderful awesome evening! I am lookin forward to such gala days in the future! “Bas yeh exam to khatam ho jaaye!” 😉

New Theme for Microblogging

Since the advent of twitter, I’ve used WordPress for regular blogging and twitter for microblogging. This new theme, P2 intends to change that. Lets see how does it fare…

Check out the P2 video here: