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Powered Exoskeletons

Powered Exoskeletons

HAL5 - Cyberdrine

The Future is Bionic…

I have always fascinated about the powers of the Bionic man. Bionic man is a very wide term whose pinnacle would be to create an artificial being. Today research in that area is progressing – an example of that is the stem cell. But talking about that would be science-fiction. So lets talk about something more real.

…so what about the present?

Have you seen science fiction movies like Avatar, G.I Joe or Iron Man? They wear a suit that

  • enable them to lift extremely heavy objects
  • run at great speeds, and even fly!
  • among other things – Iron Man also had a power source in the suit that kept him alive but that doesn’t interest us! 😉

Do you think such things could really exist, today? Yes, it happened last year at IIT. I was amazed when I saw people wearing a mechanical exoskeleton and jumping over a entire car in a single leap! During Techfest 2009 a team of performers called “3Run” from UK displayed a stunning Parkour performance! Two of them were wearing exoskeletons (3Run doesn’t mention this on their website) which I believe looks just like the ones produced by PowerSkip, a German company.

Read More: A report on Artificial Exoskeletons [PDF]

TODO: Engineering of Powered Exoskeletons

Elixir Report – Techfest 2010

A report on Elixir:


  1. User Friendly Helmet
  2. LivoSensor
  3. MultiAccess Incubator

User Friendly Helmet

Team: NIT Surat

Addressed Needs:

  • Heat-strokes are common for warm indian climates. Cited heat discomfort as the primary cause of people not wearing driving helmets.
  • Hence reducing safety of drivers and co-passengers.
  • Bulky, inconvineant to carry around everywhere.
  • Inexpensive solution to an important problem at Rs. 150/- extra cost.

Strong Points / USP:

  • Comfortable “joyous ride”
  • Cooling pad installed:
  • Cooled externally via refrigration
  • lasts 2-3hrs.
  • Foldable, hence portable.
  • About 1/3rd of original size when folded.
  • Sweat absorbing layer; Washable

Weak points / Aspirations and Gaps:

  • Modular design – sleek but makes it very vulnerable to impact damage. Hence putting the user at hazzordus risk. Defeats the primary purpose of safety.
  • No Impact Testing of equipment was performed.
  • Clips, screws etc. inconvineant and time-consuming to remove/fold and install back again while.
  • Removable parts not a good design idea. Prone to loss.
  • No temprature controller proposed in the design. I think resonable maintenance of temprature is essential. Too cold/uncontrolled temprature might be more damaging than comforting.